Posted by: anaktangguh | October 31, 2008

Little Picasso

In April this year I was asked to work with a new philanthropic network called Social Planet to assist in delivering their creative art project named Little Picasso.

 The first venue of operations in Indonesia was to be in Guwang, Bali. Although formal art training and primarily drawing was supported by Anak Tannguh paint, canvas and other neceassary expense to support colour and a more dynamic approach to art was prohibitive for this NGO.

Little Picasso seeks to support and encourage creativity and art for individuals and organisations who previously could not access either the materials or the innovative curriculum of art study and research incorporated into the delivery of this programme. Working alongside local volunteer staff a collaboration of eastern and “world art” techniques and training is already producing an exciting art forum for all participants.

With a donation for art supplies in June by the Director of Social Planet. 45 children of all ages are currently experimenting with colour; form; texture and mixed media. It is hoped that some of this art work will be transported back to the states as early as November to be exhibited and sold in galleries through connections with the organizers. Project Duffle Bag will support volunteers bringing art supplies in to the country and the return of the art work to US. As well as Anak Tangguh Social Planet supports other NGOS in Bali through both Little Picasso and Project Duffle Bag.

For more details about the work of

Social Planet contact Regional Director


For specific info re Little Picasso in Guwang contact me





    It’s Jorge watching all those incredible pictures and moments!!

    My god the kids, my little friends are so cool!!Like so much this project!!Like so much you all people for making this possible!!Like so much how integrate knowledge and fun!!And love you all cos I still keep you in my heart!!You make laugh a lot!!Best thing I still remember from you!!The smile!!And everytime I see you you make me smile again!!

    Keep going!!

    Best wishes!!


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