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Climate change School…..

Ini ada info menarik buat kamu kamu yang masih SMA…. Semoga bisa mengurangi tawuran … he he he …. sekolah peduli climate change. fore more detail please see at the website




“Developing Climate Solutions within School Communities”


An Open Competition for Indonesian schools!

Today one third of the population of Indonesia is under 18 and this number is on the increase. At the same time the world that our young people are entering is becoming ever more precarious and vulnerable to environmental concerns and climate change. The role young people play in meeting these future challenges has never been more important.  British Council, together with  Ashoka, Pandu Pertiwi, and National Geographic Indonesia want the next generation to take responsibility as global citizens and actively engage in environmental protection and climate adaptation and mitigation.

School Climate Challenge is a competition that aims to encourage secondary school teachers and students in Indonesia to establish innovative, creative, and sustainable initiatives which both contribute to tackling climate change, and economically benefit their schools and communities.

By engaging schools and their communities in this global issue, the competition will identify school champions and teacher and student leaders who can represent young people’s commitment to meeting the challenge Indonesia is facing

The competition period is December 2008 – July 2009.

By joining this competition, you can:

  • Have access to incentives to further develop and improve your projects*
  • Get support to attend an Award Winning Celebration in Jakarta*
  • Be promoted through the organizers’ media activities*
  • Be considered for selection for British Council’s International Climate Champions programme
  • Have access to post competition capacity building programmes
  • Get a certificate that recognizes your participation in the programme
    (* for top three winners only/ representatives of three winners)

Who can apply?

  • A group of at least 5 secondary school students (3 students and 2 teachers OR 4 students and 1 teacher)
  • The competition will be open to all types of secondary school: regular, vocational, faith-based, etc.
  • A school can propose more than one project.

In order to join this competition, you must download the Application Form and Proposal Form. The completed form should then be forwarded to the Secretariat, before 31 January 2009:

Ms. Maharani Girsang or Ms. Nita Irawati Murjani
British Council
Indonesia Stock Exchange Building, Tower II, 16th Floor
Jl. Sudirman, Jakarta, Indonesia

Download forms:

Determination is the key of success in combating the climate change issue. Your participation in this project will be a significant contribution to save this planet!

“It is tremendous that you are working with a group of young people who might safe the planet” – The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles.








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