Strong Children Strong Nation


gambar sketsa Sanggar anak tangguh dari depan, karya i komang Adiartha

It would be no exaggeration to say that voluntering alongside Anak Tangguh for the last 6 months has restored my faith in humanity. A group of 10 ordinary young men banded together to establish a yayasan to inspire and encourage their children to seek further and wider education. After many discussions and meetings locally; it appeared to these young men that in the last few decades the young people in the village were accepting that university; continuing education was beyond them. A whole generation had skipped further education and another threatened to follow.

With the growth in International and Private Schools in Bali in the last 10-15 years- the competition and impetus to continue study after high school was moving to an elitist group. Whilst the families in this village are not poor nor are they able to afford private tuition or the extra curriculum and resources offered by neighbouring schools in Denpasser and Sanur.

Guwang nestles in the shadow of its more commercially successful neighbour Sukawati but without a doubt in the months to come ANAK TANGGUH will ensure this village is back on the map. The yayasan is already becoming a model of educational initiative and inspiration.

Begun just 9 months ago over 200 children attend classes 3 times a week regularly ; the age s ranging from 6 to 17. Staffed primarily by local volunteers the teaching is co-ordinated by Cok Raka, Silvi, Novi, Maths, English and Art ; and Yoshiko ; Modern Dance. Alongside a strong admin and design team all volunteers put in time ; energy , skill and hope for the future for these children.For the Computers training, the teacher are Adi, Ayun, Dewa Cuk, Agung Nugraha.

Currently 5 volunteers from university are being supported and trained alongside to ensure the sustainability of the project. Many other parents and local people also assist and are ready to support and advice.

The curriculum is being created slowly matching the vision of the leaders to the wishes of the children. This is decidely run from the grass roots and the young people alongside more academic pursuits are also encouraged and given specific projects to increase leadership skills / recycling / and cleaning the local beaches.

Whilst western volunteers are encouraged to support and assist this project is determinedly a local Balinese Initiative at a grass roots level. The collaboration between Western volunteers and the Trustees of the Yayasan has inspired some amazing co-operation and learning for everyone. The commitment and dedication of this group is wonderful. The children are active participants in the nature of the programme and the implementation.

Whilst the group seek to find sponsors and donations from the very first day the villagers have put their own money / time and labour into the dream. For example : The land was donated for the site; the materials for the bamboo building / WC and office were given ; as were the plants in the beautifully landscaped garden by a parent who was a gardener and wanted to contribute.

No-one here is rich, and many seek paid employment but this group truly have walked the walk as well as talked the talk. I just want to encourage anyone in Bali particularly educators from local schools/villages and organisations as well as visitors / tamu / humanitarians and volunteers from all over the world to make contact with this inspiring project.

Thank you SuePhoenix Oct 08


  1. Go Yayasan Anak Tangguh ^_^

  2. i’can see this children nature

  3. How’s to join?

    • hi how are you if you want to join, please sent e-mail to :, thanks

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